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Renovation Insurance

While your property is undergoing renovation or conversion you will need a specialised Renovation Insurance regardless of whether your property is  occupied or not.

If you don’t tell your insurance broker or insurer that your property is undergoing renovation, and continue to have your regular property insurance you are unlikely to be fully covered. You may not even realise this until you need to report a claim.

The risk of something unexpected happening during renovation and especially when no one is living in it, is considerably higher. Not all insurers are willing to take such risks. At Fairweather Insurance, we specialise in insuring properties that are undergoing renovation and we are confident that we will find the right cover for you at the right price.

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We are here to help with all your insurance needs regardless of how complex they are. Please see our Unoccupied Property Insurance Overview for more information.

Our Core Values

At Fairweather Insurance, we pride ourselves on finding solutions to even the most complicated and high-risk insurance requirements. Our experienced team work relentlessly to make this happen using their vast knowledge base and strong relationships with insurance providers. Never losing site of our Core Values.