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    Right to Light Insurance

    Fairweather Insurance can provide the right cover for a brighter outcome.

    What is Right to Light?

    “Right to light” or “Rights of Light” is a form of easement in English Law. It entitles the landowner the right to receive natural light through apertures in buildings.

    A neighbour can prevent development or change the scope through an injunction, or be entitled to substantial damages if a planned development has the potential to infringe the Right to Light.

    Insurance policies are available to protect developers from the consequences of claims resulting from such infringements.

    Why should I consider Right to Light Insurance?

    For any property developer, potential Right to Light claims aren’t something to be ignored. Recent cases have seen the courts granting injunctions as opposed to awarding compensation. There’s no reason why future cases won’t result in similar outcomes.

    In fact, at this point in time, the chances are high that a developer will need to alter a project, abandon it or even demolish part of a finished development.

    Right to Light claims can’t always be quashed but, with a Right to Light insurance policy, the enormous impact of a claim can.

    What will a Right to Light Insurance Cover?

    Depending on your Right to Light Indemnity requirements, a bespoke policy may include:

    Tall buildings with likely right to light impact

    Legal Costs

    All legal costs involved in addressing claims against the insured developer covered.

    Other Costs

    You won’t need to worry about cost of any settlements, damages awarded, abortive costs or additional project costs incurred.

    Loss in Value

    Protection against loss in land value in the event the developer’s desired project is permanently halted by the Court.

    What are the costs of Right to Light Insurance?

    The costs of this type of specialist, but very important insurance depend on the size of the development and the likely risks.

    In order to underwrite a risk the insurer will need to see a Right to Light report detailing the requirements of the specific location.  This report costs from £2,000 for simpler developments and will increase for more extensive developments.

    Premiums for Right to Light insurance start at around £3,000 and could typically cost £10,000+ for a £1m house development.

    Why choose Fairweather Insurance?

    As all Right to Light claimants believe they have a Right to Light, all developers have a right to an insurance solution that will respond in the event of a claim – a solution that enables them to fix costs and proceed with their project. That solution is a Right to Light insurance policy from Fairweather Insurance.

    With over 35 years’ experience, we know we will be able to offer you outstanding, independent advice for all your Right to Light Insurance needs. There is no obligation and we will be pleased to advise and guide you before making your Right to Light decisions.

    In addition to making sure you get the right cover for your circumstances, we also have access to many policies that are not generally available elsewhere. This means we can also offer you competitive prices.

    In the event of a claim, our dedicated in-house claims specialists will guide you through the claims process so your claim can get resolved quickly and efficiently.

    At the heart of every policy, is a personal relationship, built on a foundation of honesty, integrity and professionalism.
    We See People, Not Policies.

    Right to Light Insurance is too crucial to leave to chance. Call us on 01753 882222 or request a Right to Light Quote by sending the simple inquiry form below.


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