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Flood Risk Area Insurance

Flood risks are assessed and calculated by The Environment Agency and surveying companies. If they deem an area to be high risk then that information is used by insurance companies.

Unfortunately they translate an area into a post code. It is quite common for a property to be in a post code deemed as high flood risk, and hence paying much increased premiums, whilst actually being on higher ground with a much lower or no risk.

Because their computer algorithms are normally based on post codes only, insurance companies are often not able to distinguish between at risk and safe properties. However at Fairweather Insurance, we have the authority to assess properties individually, and if they are not high risk, we can arrange full insurance for much reduced premiums.

Previous flood claim

If you have had a flood claim, you may still be able to get competitive flood risk insurance for specific reasons:

So if your property is deemed to be in a high flood risk area, but you believe is on higher ground than the properties really at risk, then, our friendly, professional specialists are here to help you.

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