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Commercial Combined Insurance Policies

Commercial Combined insurance policies are generally aimed at larger scale or less conventional risks requiring a bespoke insurance solution. These policies commonly encompass a number of areas. Depending on your requirements they could include :

  • Material damage insurance
  • Insurance against Theft
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Buildings insurance
  • Fixtures and fittings insurance
  • Tenants improvements insurance
  • General contents insurance
  • Computers and IT insurance
  • UK, Europe and Worldwide ‘All risks’ insurance
  • Stock insurance
  • Book debts insurance
  • Loss of licence insurance
  • Money and assault insurance
  • Terrorism insurance
  • Engineering and inspection cover insurance
  • Employee dishonesty and theft insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Commercial legal expenses insurance
  • Public and products liability insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance

Our expertise, experience and relationships with insurers ensure that you get a policy that fully meets the requirements of your business, incorporating the appropriate levels of insurance cover. We will also exclude any areas that are not necessary, saving you money.

Where it is clear that a company’s insurance needs require a Commercial Combined policy solution, we would normally have a meeting at your premises to comprehensively review your needs.

From this, we would recommend the most comprehensive and cost-effective cover for your type and location of business.

Do you need Commercial Insurance? Our friendly, professional specialist are  here to help with all your insurance needs regardless of how complex they are.

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