July 2022

September 2018

Protect your Project


Protect your Project Property Insurance goes way beyond buildings and contents. The minute you conduct any commercial activity from your home, do some reasonably extensive DIY or landscaping there are probably some conditions or implications within your property that you should be aware of so it would be worth digging out that policy wording

February 2018

Local restaurant insurance


We recently insured a new restaurant following their initial request for some guidance regarding a claim. An acquaintance of a member staff enquired if we could help a friend who runs a restaurant and who was having difficulty bringing a theft claim to a conclusion.   The theft had happened over nine months ago, in fact

November 2017

Christmas lights charity competition


This is a previous year's lights. On Friday 1st December our Christmas lights will be switched on to celebrate the start of the festive season.  This will coincide with the Chalfont St. Peter fun night where we will also have a stand. Please help us donate to the British Heart Foundation this Christmas!

August 2017

Unoccupied properties in flood areas


There are lots of reasons why your property may be unoccupied at any given time – but have you factored this in to your insurance provision?  In particular, are you comfortable you are covered in the event of flooding? With major floods in recent years increasing the risk profile of many more areas across the

Claims handling – where insurance brokers come into their own

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With online capabilities and electronic communications able to streamline so much of insurance administration – from initial quotes to renewals – you often hear people say maybe they don’t need a broker and can do things themselves.  Until something goes wrong, that is…and the time, trauma and frustration that goes in to pursuing a claim

June 2017

Motor claim help

2017-06-27T10:13:39+01:00Domestic insurance, Other|

Claims department helping client with no-fault accident If you have an accident, even if you are not claiming on insurance our claims team can help… We understand fully the concerns around protecting your no-claims status and discounts. For a small shunt we know the type of discussions people go through about whether they should claim,

Insurance for Renovation House Owners and Private Investors

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Getting the (insurance) foundations right for your renovation or extension project So you’re taking a sledgehammer to your property….Well, not you personally, but your carefully-chosen contractors who are even now unloading their vans and manhandling bales of dust-sheet up your drive. The architects and structural engineers have finished measuring and calculating and unrolling their

July 2016

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