We recently insured a new restaurant following their initial request for some guidance regarding a claim.

An acquaintance of a member staff enquired if we could help a friend who runs a restaurant and who was having difficulty bringing a theft claim to a conclusion.   The theft had happened over nine months ago, in fact on 24/12/16, and was still not settled despite the circumstances being straight forward.

The client was using a local broker.  Their office was only around the corner, but despite this they had not even visited the client!

When we visited the client we were able to offer assistance whilst she made a call to talk about why the claim was outstanding and, with our help, she arranged a visit from the broker and the loss adjuster for the following week.  Settlement of the claim was subsequently agreed and the client received the cheque.

During the course of our conversation it came to light that the policy was due for renewal imminently, so we took the time to review their cove.  It transpired that they were drastically under insured and, for example did not include any cover for tenants improvements, despite the broker knowing that the proprietors had spent well over £100,000 refurbishing the premises!

We were able to arrange a suitable policy with appropriate levels of cover.  The client is very happy with our service and now wants us to look at the other policies they hold as they fall due for renewal.

Photo by Zachariah Hagy on Unsplash