I am not into scare-mongering – that is not the way to sell insurance, in fact I don’t like to even ‘sell’ insurance. Our intention is to ‘provide’ insurance that people need. Where we see gaps we can offer cover and protection – something that cannot be done by a computer or someone in a call centre who doesn’t know your circumstances.

It occurred to me yesterday watching a programme about the spinal injuries unit at Stoke Mandeville hospital that life can change for people in an instant and from something as trivial as falling off a chair. One of the patients on the programme was a roofer, whilst he had regular work through a main contractor he was engaged always as a self-employed contractor and so had no holiday or sick-pay allowance. I am not sure whether he had any protection for his income but if he didn’t then that may have significant consequences for him and his family. One other patient found this out as he had to put their house up for sale as his ongoing rehab and inability to get back to work meant that he could not meet his mortgage repayments.

So incidents that affect you may well effect those who rely and depend on you and a nominal premium for a little protection may well go on to make a significant steps to maintaining your lifestyle should you find yourself unable to work.

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