Unless you are lucky enough to own James Bond’s Lotus Esprit come submarine or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang you should be considering what damage you could do by not taking care through flood water.

According to the Insurance Times the AA saw almost 9,000 cases in recent times of vehicles damaged after being driven through flood waters. Between the AA and the Environment agency a study concluded that over half of UK motorists would consider driving their vehicles through moving flood water with 54% saying that they would risk it with 27% still saying yes even if the water was over 30cm deep.


The 9,000 cases that the AA attended last year cost the insurance industry an estimated £34,000,000. This is money that, along with all other claims, have an effect on our annual premiums and so is perhaps something that is easily mitigated with a bit of common sense.


Advice about driving through water can be found here –